The Grace Walk Experience

with Steve McVey

You have heard the message. Now you are invited to join the movement!

Discover practical ways to start leading a passionate, more fulfilled life alongside a group of like-minded people who don’t accept pat answers and who truly want to grow by following Truth. Get access to hundreds of videos that dive deep into topics to help you live a life of meaning and fulfillment. Connect to people who are on the same journey as you. If you’ve ever thought there must be more, there is. Join us and see for yourself.

What is the Grace Walk Experience?

The Grace Walk Experience is a community of people who are committed to living the life we were born to know. Life is intended to be meaningful, not mundane. Too many people have been held down by the effects of painful circumstances, dead-end encounters with religion, limiting beliefs, and other debilitating experiences. They know there must be more and they want to discover it.

The teaching inside this group covers topics that will help you see your dreams realized, living courageously and intentionally, reaching your potential, building heathy relationships and much more, all to help create a more satisfying life. Tomorrow will be no different from today unless we do something today to make tomorrow different so we have joined together to invest in ourselves and each other and grow.

About The Grace Walk Experience

It takes daily practice to begin leading a life of fulfillment, but it’s always worth the effort.

Every weekday, I sit down to discuss Grace truths that have been proven to bring real change to people’s lives when understood and consistently practiced. With the video content and Facebook group access, you’ll get:

  • Bullet Point Practical Life Tips
  • Bullet Point Insightful Discussion
  • Bullet Point A Healing Platform for Open Discussion
  • Bullet Point Daily Inspiration!
  • Bullet Point And so much more

With Grace Walk Experience, not only will you be given the necessary knowledge to change any aspect of yourself, but you will also learn how to apply what you learn in order to make measurable changes in any area of your life.

Monday – Friday 8:30 EST

Videos remain available after live broadcast and can be watched any time.


I speak live most Monday and Fridays at 8:30 am ET. Pre recorded teachings are posted Tues- Thurs at 8:30 am ET The video teachings will remain on the page after the live broadcast has ended. Members of the group may access the video teachings at any time and as many times as they want.

While we deal with important subjects, our time together is informal, lighthearted and fun. In addition to online learning, we have participated together in cruising, conferences, weddings, funerals and other common life experiences. We meet online every weekday and in person when we can. There will be events planned available only to those in the Grace Walk Experience group.
We’ve celebrated wins and grieved losses together. Though there are hundreds in the group, we nurture a close bond among us. The Grace Walk Experience is a safe place where everybody is welcomed. It’s a place where you will be encouraged and not judged. We don’t frown on diversity but celebrate it. It’s a place where we aren’t taught what to think but encouraged in how to think. It’s a place where we are encouraged to think for ourselves and where no questions are off limits. It’s a group where long-standing and difficult questions aren’t avoided but explored through community participation.

The Grace Walk Experience isn’t like an online church. While the teaching will regularly reference biblical texts, this group isn’t a Bible study. Steve approaches spiritual truth using diverse sources, including ancient wisdom literature from history, quantum science, neuroscience, psychology, psychiatry, sociology, music, movies, other authors and their books, as well as other voices in today’s world. The teaching in this group is always unapologetically Christocentric but we believe that all creation is a testament to the Creator and, as such, we explore many areas you won’t usually hear about in church. To see God only through a religious lens is to try to capture the Grand Canyon with a disposable camera. When we put down the camera and look, there is a beauty that far exceeds what religion is capable of showing. The content is this group is always available so that each member can progress at their own pace and according to their own schedule.

It’s unfortunate that this question sometimes arises. While people seldom have a problem with financial expense for other parts of their lives, a religious viewpoint sometimes creates an entitlement mentality. Grace is free indeed but other things aren’t. For example, equipment and production costs aren’t. Religious hospitals aren’t. Seminary isn’t. Christian bookstores aren’t. Even Bibles cost money. We make no apology for a small associated cost with the Grace Walk Experience.
There are several reasons why there is a cost to join this group. The main one is that it serves as a filter by only allowing those in who are willing to invest in themselves. It is important for each participant to have to have skin in the game. The subscription fee demonstrates genuine interest and not just curiosity. This group is for those who value their own personal development and the teaching offered enough to invest in it. The cost is not a donation but is considered by the IRS to be payment for services rendered. Paying a nominal monthly subscription fee increases the likelihood that those in the group truly value it. Steve will continue to offer many free resources on his public Facebook page, YouTube, Twitter and other Internet platforms. This particular group goes deeper, much deeper, than other publicly available content he offers. Like everything else in life, the cost may increase in the future but when it does, those who are in the group will never be required to pay a higher cost for as long as they remain in the group.

Over the past few years, we have explored many subjects that are relevant to all our lives. Some of the topics have addressed joy, stress, gratitude, worry, optimism, shame, faith, self-esteem, vision, creativity, healing, gratitude, addiction, imagination, perspective, trauma, identity, miracles, prayer, consciousness, intention, mindfulness, guidance, enlightenment, regrets, nonduality and over a hundred others. Our study is always an in-depth exploration from many different angles. There is a “search” feature in the group which allows participants to find the topics that most interests them.

About Steve McVey

Dr. Steve McVey is the President of Grace Walk, whose goal is to share the message of God's Love for all humanity. McVey is the author of seventeen books, including the best-selling, Grace Walk. His writing is filled with spiritual truth, practical application, humor and affirmation that will encourage you and strengthen you in your own journey toward spiritual development and personal enrichment. Steve and Melanie live in the Tampa Bay area of Florida. They have four adult children and five grandchildren.

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